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Warpmats Custom Surf Mat hand dyed and gripped

Warpmats Custom Surf Mat hand dyed and gripped

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Collaborate on your new custom surf mat

Your new Warpmats custom surf mat is a personally customised wave riding craft. The design and construction from start to finish is collaboration that starts with a conversation. Together we'll discuss dimensions and what sort of features you'd like to see in your new surf mat. Your experience and the type of waves you surf also contributes to the design. 


For all new builds the process begins by speaking to Matt. Every build is handmade in his workshop in Cornwall in the United Kingdom.

Inflatable wave riding craft are ridden at low inflation. As such the elements of design are nuanced and differ between riders - we all bring different bodies and experience to the ride. With Matt you'll discuss the design elements specific to your needs and interests including length, width, rail shape, bottom contour and volume. 


Custom dyed mats are hand dyed by Ian in his shed in Sligo on the northwest coast of Ireland.

The base material we use is a white. Solid colours can be aimed for but we're not a factory with a colour-matching service. The techniques and apparatus Ian uses for dyeing are as custom as your mat so the results are unique. He excels at creating unique, abstract artwork that comes alive when you're in the water.


The grip jobs are all done individually by hand. Different patterns balance enough traction without compromising the mat's responsiveness. Different styles require different techniques. We continue to develop our ideas to balance traction and compliance without compromising performance.

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