Ordering a Custom Surf Mat

Talk direct to your shaper

Since 2017 Warpmats surfmats have been designed and handmade by Matt Fedden in his workshop in Cornwall in the United Kingdom.

Your new custom surfmat is a collaboration. By talking direct to the maker actually building your craft you can be specific with, or get advice on, the features you’d like your new custom surf mat to have.

Design elements

There's a number of design elements that can be modified that can have subtle or dramatic impacts upon the performance of your next mat. Some of these include:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Rail shape
  • Bottom contour
  • Volume
  • Material thickness

A lot can be done to change the look of your mat too. Grip patterning can simply functional or patterns can be worked out. For the deck and bottom fabric we can aim for a desired single-colour or go for something unique by exploring freestyle dying techniques.


Custom surf mat starts at £200 with acid-dyed fabric starting £300.

What now?

Head to the Contact page where you can share some basic information about you and what you’re looking for. I’ll follow up with you by email and we can start to discuss the design elements and any modifications. Once we're clear on the details I can get to work.

Turn around time should be approximately 2 – 3 weeks after we’ve settled on the build specs.

Need some inspiration?

Have a look at the Warpmats Instagram feed for examples of our builds including modifications acid dye work and riders.