Warpmats Surf Mats

What's it like to catch the waves of your life on a handmade surf mat that has been personally customised for you and the waves you ride?

Surfer riding a wave at high speed on a custom Warpmats surf mat



You can ride a surf mat on any wave that other surfcraft can ride. Surf mats will also make the best of average or poor conditions where other surf craft fail. Whether the waves are little or large, choppy or clean you can get the ride of your life.

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Every Warpmats surfmat is handmade in Cornwall in the United Kingdom by Matt Fedden. With your input he can build a beautiful, tough, super-lightweight surfmat, personally customised for you and the waves you ride.

How we build
Peter Horton with his custom lightweight surf mat



Warpmats surf mats weigh in at around 400 grams. When deflated they can be rolled up or folded to the size of a magazine. Taking up so little room, they are the ultimate wave riding craft for travelling.

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  • Bending the cosmos

    “It’s surprising how different these pockets of air perform compared to each other but I guess that’s craftsmanship and the joy you receive when you deal with the boys on the tools and not a factory.”

    - Matt J.

    Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

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  • Warped

    “An absolute pleasure to deal with great service, info and product. Couldn’t be happier with my mats...”

    - Peter H.

    South Coast, NSW, Australia

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  • Stoke Machine

    “Since this has arrived it’s been pure joy. The speed and control are off the charts. The squid grip seems ideal and the bottom concave make it fun in tiny surf as well as more powerful and larger waves.”

    - Adam L.

    Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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