Pat O. driving hard into a green curling wave on his custom Warpmat surf mat

New South Wales, Australia


Matt you can use the pics for sure. So true about trying to explain how to mat ride. Most surfers tend to over think it. For me "no mind" works best . Often in good powerful surf it feels like the mat is guiding me . Like it knows the best line to take.

Your mats just work. I've ridden 4th gear flyers, krypt mats and cumulus from Jo in melbourne and while they all go well, your mats have a sensitivity and feel that i love. The more i ride them the more they blow me away. All the boys rode your mats at the pool. When all the pics come through ill get more to you if they look good.

From a very happy glider.

Patrick O.

New South Wales, Australia

Pat O. and a mate in the water somewhere on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia
Pat O. surfing down the face of a cold water wave in New South Wales, Austalia
Three impressive rigs - Pat O. his custom Warmat surf mat and a venerable vintage truck
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