Warmats surf mat deck grip pattern by Ara Peterson

New England, USA


I wanted to let you know that the Black medium sized mat I received from you earlier this summer runs incredibly well. Your build hit the nail right on the head for what I was hoping for. The scale seems to match my size and weight perfectly. Slightly narrow in width, not too narrow or too wide. Nothing awkward or any wrangling in my experience riding it. An incredibly grounded, light, and stable sensation while going fast with great hold and control.

I had it out the other morning with very good uncrowded conditions and didn’t find any sensation of reaching a terminal speed or being held back. Not to inflate your ego but this is one of the the very best mats I’ve ridden over the past 10 years. Lots of surfing going down here in RI over the past month or so and more to come in this hurricane season.

I’ve put in some solid time on your white mat from a while back.. also a great one. I wanted to send you a little feedback because this really stood out to me. It occurred to me that I should ask if you would be able to build two more identical ones to that recent black one? One in black and one in white material?

With best wishes,


Warmats surf mat deck mesmeric grip pattern by Ara Peterson
Warmats surf mat deck grip pattern by Ara Peterson
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