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Temporary delay in the production of custom built Warpmats

The Cornwall barn to be renovated for the production of Warpmats surf matsAt the end of January I am starting to renovate an old barn here at my house in Cornwall as a new mat making space. Initially I aim to take out and replace the floor, and eventually will renew walls and roof. Whilst the work is going on the mat making gear is under tarps.

The trick is to keep some mat production flowing, so the restoration will progress in stages. In order to preserve my sanity I won’t process further orders for mats through the shutdown, in order to concentrate on the building work. However, Ian will be making t-shirts an other Warpmats gear during this time.

As the work eases I will produce a number of stock mats which will be available at £180 plus postage. When these stock mats become available they will appear in our online shop – availability will be advertised on both Instagram and Facebook.

As soon as the floor will support mat making in the new workshop, custom built surf mats will be made again. Currently I expect the works to last four to five weeks. Anyone enquiring about a custom mat will be put on hold until then, and it will be announced here, and on Instagram and Facebook, when custom mat builds restart. 

Custom mat builds will be available for £180 plus postage for a mat made with stock (black or white 70 denier, or green 200 denier) material. Dyed mats will continue to be available. In future Ian will undertake most if not all the dyeing. Mats with dyed decks will be available for £250 plus postage.

– Matt

Riding waves on surfmats is pure joy

With a handmade, personally customised surfmat you can catch and surf the best waves of your life. Surfmats will change the way you think about surfing.

The Warpmats Lightweight Pacer surfmat - the point break specialist model. Designed to go... rather fast.
The Warpmats Lightweight Pacer surfmat – the point break specialist model. Designed to go… rather fast.
Every Warpmats surfmat is handmade in Cornwall in the United Kingdom by Matt Fedden. With your input he can build a beautiful, tough, super-lightweight surfmat, personally customised for you and the waves you ride. Read more about the surfmats.

Anyone can get on a surfmat and start catching waves straight away

You can ride a surfmat on any wave that other surfcraft can ride. Surfmats will also make the best of average or poor conditions where other surf craft fail. Whether the waves are little or large, choppy or clean you can get the ride of your life. The process begins with a chat with the man who will build your surfmat from start to finish. Head to the Shop to see what’s available.
Warpmats personally customised surfmats are precision engineered for... pure fun!
Warpmats personally customised surfmats are precision engineered for… pure fun!

What others have said about Warpmats surfmats


The Ability to Evolve

That’s what you get with Warpmats. I started out at about Mc 18 i think. Being able to bounce thoughts off Matt regards surfmats has kept my quiver moving forward. To have that starting point and be able to move forward through conversation is great. Matt and Ian’s grip evolution is second to none and… Read more “The Ability to Evolve”

Mike D
Northern NSW, Australia

Bending the cosmos

I have an orange 200/70 “Mc” and a midnight blue 70/70 Pacer prototype – one old grip, one new. It’s surprising how different these pockets of air perform compared to each other but I guess that’s craftsmanship and the joy you receive when you deal with the boys on the tools and not a factory… Read more “Bending the cosmos”

Matt J
Sunshine Coast, Australia


Pete Horton custom Warpmats surfmat

An absolute pleasure to deal with great service, info and product. Couldn’t be happier with my mats. Pair of mad buggers, love to surf with ’em one day.

Peter Horton
South Coast NSW, Australia

Can’t beat inflation – Get it?

Took out the “Stray Cat” the day before my surgery. The local Point was working so I went out and had fun. Waves were about three foot but not steep or hollow. I thought it was a little faster than my other (different brand) surfmat and a little more responsive. The grip works a treat… Read more “Can’t beat inflation – Get it?”

John Mandybur (Surf reporter Johnny Tofu)
Gerringong, NSW, Australia

Crazy not to

So was introduced to the Warpmats in their infancy. When my mat arrived in the mail I ripped open the box, got in the car sped down to the beach and had the best worst day of my life. I couldn’t catch a single wave for an hour no matter how hard I tried. Until… Read more “Crazy not to”

Sydney Australia

Stoke Machine

Since this has arrived it’s been pure joy. The speed and control are off the charts. The squid grip seems ideal and the bottom concave make it fun in tiny surf as well as more powerful and larger waves. Warpmats for the win….The Purple People Eater is a STOKE MACHINE

Adam Lamoureux
United States, Santa Cruz CA

New acid-dyed surfmat arrived!

Hey Matt and Ian, Just received my custom surfmat yesterday! It’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, amazing colours and super light, can’t wait to try it out now 🙂 Matthias

Matthias Schmid
Hobart, Australia
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