Custom Order Surfmats

Talk direct to your shaper

Your new custom surfmat is a collaboration. By talking direct to the maker actually building your craft allows you to be specific with, or get advice on, what sort of features you’d like your surfmat to have. See the Instagram feed for examples of our builds and modifications.

The design elements we can explore include length, width, rail shape, bottom contour, volume and material thickness.  We can do a lot to change the look of your mat too – modifications (below) include grip patterning and using acid dyes to aim for a particular single-colour or let us create something unique using our creative freestyle dying techniques.


The base price for your custom surfmat is £200,

A custom dyed mat is £280.

To get started tell me about yourself and what you’re looking for. I’ll follow up with you by email and discuss the design elements and any modifications and then I can get to work. Turn around time should be approximately 2 – 3 weeks after we’ve settled on the build specs.

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